Fly Fishing…and why it matters


Fly fishing is more like business than one might think. In business and in fly fishing there is always more to learn. We accumulate knowledge over years and years of experience and apply what we have learned to an ever changing environment. Success is predicated on our ability to be open minded, creative, and willing to adapt and change.

In business, we continually search for answers, looking for the right formula, the right strategy, the actions that will lead to success. Because we are so intensely immersed in our quest, we more often than not completely miss the obvious. Breakthrough results emanate from new perspective and creativity. Creativity requires that we move to another place, one far removed from current thinking.

A day of discussion, advice and fly fishing the streams of New England

If you are interested in stepping back from the details of your business and getting a fresh perspective, this is the perfect opportunity. It’s also a great venue for an introductory meeting with Jim Popeo to discuss your business challenges and determine if there is good alignment between your needs and Springboard’s offerings. A guided day on the ponds and streams of New England, fly fishing for rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout and salmon, mixed with open discussion and advice, will provide clarity on business issues and a strategy for moving forward.

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