What We Do

Springboard works with early-stage technology companies to accelerate their growth and value. They may be faltering start-ups, technology spin-offs of larger corporations, or companies that have been in business for a number of years, but which have lost momentum and failed to realize their potential.

Springboard steps in…right into the middle of things. We don’t observe and report. We begin working directly with senior management and with managers in perceived problem areas.

Our initial sales and marketing focus begins with a thorough analyis of the client’s underlying value premise.  This includes:

  • Understanding the high-level business priorities of our client’s customers;
  • Aligning the client’s technology, products and services with those priorities;
  • Assessing barriers to entry;
  • Determining a sales and marketing strategy; and
  • Creating a well-defined, measurable action plan.

Then we execute that plan, working in a hands-on relationship that may well involve assuming an operational role in the client company.

Over the life of an engagement we deliver

  • Accountability;
  • Creation and execution of the sales and marketing plan;
  • Visible value; and
  • Continual improvement and success measured in quantified revenue, profit and growth metrics.

This approach works. Every Springboard client has achieved its goals.